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Dealers wanted! This is the best show you will go to this year. We will arm your dealership with the best possible training available.

We are looking forward to having you at our conference and Expo in Dallas this coming September. We have hunted down the very best online marketing and social educators in the space. The focused training you will receive at our show will empower you to make better choices the minute you get back to your dealership!

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The developers of the MarketPlace Master Dealership Series have manifested the most influential and laser-focused Dealer-Expo and conference to date. What lifts us a tier above the rest is our dedication to your education and enhancing your ability to directly apply the knowledge you receive into your business model. You have to attend this event!

We are excited to announce that the MarketPlace Master Dealership Series will be held at the prestigious Hyatt Regency in beautiful downtown Dallas Texas, the heart of the South! We have ensured an exclusive price for you, your staff, and all of your family. Embrace luxury and experience excellence firsthand with us at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas.

Take full advantage of our Early-Bird Pass at the special low-price of $449, available now until 1st May. Time is of the essence, as seats are filling up fast! Our Regular-Period Passes are available from May 2nd to July 30th at the cost of $499. From August 1st up until the day of the show, Passes will cost $549. The cost is $549 if you wait to purchase your Pass at the gate. We have Press Passes that can be purchased for $397 at any time.

Here are some of the incredible subjects that will be covered at our conference:

Marketing to Millennials

Teaching your staff to be Social Influencers

How to take full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and other social apps

All-Star dealer panels covering marketing methodologies

Standing apart from your competition in the digital space

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Get your Passes and Year-Round Webinar Subscription Now!

Other conventions leave you feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. We know. We have spoken and exhibited at major auto-industry conferences for over a decade and we’ve left feeling the same way. What we have learned from our experience is that both dealers and vendors need a better approach. That’s why we decided to create a convention specifically for you.

The online automotive space is an ever changing environment. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and many other large scale audience based giants are setting industry trends. The drive of the entire world wide web is to push people closer together in their local markets. This may seem daunting, but catching up to the trends of today is imperative to advance your dealership. We will teach you how!

This unique opportunity will secure your ability to upgrade your dealership into the new era. Take action now!