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We have an incredible EXPO floor that is open the entire conference period. Get more exposure through Marketplace Master than any other show! We give you incredible service through creating media that not only goes into our Media Center but out to several hundred syndicates in a high-traffic press release.

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You really need to click now and select your booth space while they are still available! We are more than expecting our show to sell out and sell out early. So much time was put into deciding where we would hold our convention. What hotel to use, what city to place our annual event and why. As one of the biggest cities for auto sales in the state that sells more autos a year than any other state Dallas Texas just made perfect sense. For our Exhibitors we wanted to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. Please read the information on this page and you will quickly learn why this is the one show you will come back to year after year.

Industry leading exhibitors are crucial to the success of every convention. Without you, there would be little reason for anybody to show up in the first place. That’s why we are crystal-clear in the fact that we appreciate everything you do for the industry. We understand how significant an investment every convention is for you. But it’s not enough to simply say, "Thank You". We are so confident about the success of your participation at our show, that we are putting our money where our mouth is.

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Client Relationship Focused The MarketPlace Master Dealership Series is the only dealer-based convention in the auto-industry with a critical focus on strengthening your direct client-relationships through education and innovation. We made dealer signup extremely easy for you by already creating the marketing materials for you! Choose between our supplied convention marketing materials, or modify what we provide to give your invitation a personal touch and to better suit your specific customer base
Lasting Business Relationships We anticipate anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 dealers enthusiastic to learn the latest industry ideas and trends. This is the best way to gather all of your customers in one place, at one time, in a professional and prestigious setting. This opportunity even allows you to manifest new customers and to create lasting business relationships.
No Down - Time We understand the absolute critical importance of the number of touches and passes you will receive at our conference, so we made it easy for you. Unique to our convention, the second stage will be placed directly on the Expo floor! That means no down time. No hour-long spells of inactivity. Dealers will constantly be walking the Expo floor, This is a huge innovation and one that massively increases the number of touches you will receive.
No Down - Time What we are doing for you is revolutionary. We have the best educators focused on topical subjects such as Millennial Marketing, Social Marketing, Audience Development, and much more. It’s not only our innovative information that makes us great. What sets us apart is our focus on an education that sends dealers directly to your booth.
No Down - Time With well over a decade of industry experience, the developers of the MarketPlace Master Dealership Series have been exhibitors themselves at over 50 different conventions and have also been key-speakers at several Auto-Expos. We work closely with NIADA and NABD on their conventions and technologies. Our extensive industry experience gave us insight into what exactly the dealers need, which brings us to the focal point of the ingenuity of our conference, our Early Adopter’s Hand’s-On Workshop and the Meet-Market.
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Second Stage Presenter Opportunities

The second stage is an incredible opportunity and developed exclusively for exhibitors. All of the dealers will be given the agenda and encouraged to visit the second stage. Our main stage area will be packed enough that dozens of dealers will make the second stage preference throughout the day. With full audience seating you can take advantage of the All Day EXPO hours presenting then meeting with interested dealers from the audience.

The Meet-Market

The Meet-Market immediately follows Orientation and serves as a prime opportunity to further entice dealers to work with you. The dealers will be excited to receive your services after having just been guided to your booth during the Workshop. Take advantage of this first level potential before the Expo officially begins. The MarketPlace Master Dealership Series is the only dealer based Auto-Expo wherein dealers are immediately encouraged to secure consultations and appointments with you.


Upon purchasing your booth for the Expo floor, make your money back immediately! We have integrated a referral system into our website that allows you to directly invite your valued dealers to the MarketPlace Master Dealership Series. For every dealer signed up through your referral, you will receive a 10% payback reward on every dealer’s pass price. Sounds good, right?

The average $397.00 pass earns you $39.70. Let that sink in. If you sign up 100 dealers, we will write you a check for $3,970.00 during the Vendor Reward Ceremony on the final day of the conference! No other show has expressed their appreciation for you with such incredible value as giving you the opportunity to pay off your booth space in such a beneficial way.

Your dealers want to come to the conference anyway. Make the most of it!

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